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Alex King

Alex I King

San Mateo, CA


I was born in Romania and adopted when I was almost six years old. I have had my share of learning disabilities, but my family always said I had a good eye for art. Whether it was my pencil drawings as a child, my lighting and filming for my video work, or now my photography, people seemed to like the way I could express myself through my art. I am hoping that others will like my photography too.

I have a deep love and respect for family and the beauty that is in this world. So many people never get to see the things that I have seen, and I will never be ungrateful. My family has given me a great opportunity in being adopted and I will never let a day go by without finding the good in it. I hope that my photography will express my feelings.

Please enjoy my photographs and if you are interested, please visit my website to see samples of my other art, filming.

Thank you.



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Inside SFO International Terminal by Alex King


Yosemite Valley Chapel by Alex King


Columbus Tower San Francisco by Alex King


Wild Mushroom by Alex King


Light house by Alex King


Coit Tower by Alex King


Make A Wish by Alex King


Lighthouse and Coastview by Alex King


Ocean Birds by Alex King


Pink Tiger by Alex King


World War II bunker by Alex King


birdhouse by Alex King


Closeup World War II Bunker by Alex King


Pine Tree by Alex King


Soft Daisy by Alex King


View from a Tree by Alex King


International Terminal, San Francisco Airport by Alex King


Under the Boardwalk by Alex King


Goddess by Alex King


Cover photo for my documentary Given Our Chance by Alex King